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dynpg version 4.5.2 available now!

Today we realease the new version 4.5.2 of dynpg. Beside several bugfixes and optimizations, the new version comes with a few new functionalities.

  1. Most important changes
    • New: EXIF-Data as image description in file upload.
    • New: more than one formula on a single page possible.
    • New: META-fields for each article (title + description + keywords).
    • New: Separator in lead of an article is ignorable via SetParam_AA_IgnoreLeadSeperator().
    • Enhanced Security.
    • Fixed several compatibility issues concerning the Frontend Edit Mode.
    • Fixed several bugs.
  2. Changelog
    • bugfix: close all tinyMCE-instances by default and update "visible"-Array instead of "closed"-Array.
    • added: dynpg_sendmail return value boolean -> false if one or more mails failed to send otherwise true
    • bugfix: prevent double & encoding on src and flashvars values on media plugin init
    • bugfix: changed own filebrowser popup function to tinymce method to prevent editor instance loss
    • change: do only strip out "mso"-classes within the tinyMCE
    • added: SetParam_PathToNextGroupPage() to add manual a list-referer for groups with subgroups
    • change: disabled "paste_text_sticky" in tinyMCE since this was annoying
    • bugfix: enabled saving in fulltext mode via "ctrl+s" in FEM
    • bugfix: check php-version in dynpg_htmlentities_rigid() within functions.php
    • changed: hide all TinyMCE instances in FEM by default
    • changed: added %RELPAGE% instead of php_self for group breadcrumb
    • changed: added space instead of newline as first character to prevent newline within tags
    • changed: trim after strip_tags to prevent whitespaces
    • bugfix: delete empty last line to prevent linebreak within tag.
    • added: SELF as error + success article option in tiny_mce formtable plugin to refer to the article itself without the need to set an id.
    • added: 3 control methods to prevent plugin parsing within group shorttext and lead fields.
    • changed: _AA_loadText -> _AA_LoadText standardized naming of internal variables.
    • bugfix: text clean on preview.
    • bugfix: ajax new article form fields default values empty.
    • changed: show ticker only if not loggedin yet to prevent loading time.
    • changed: added newline on template top because of templateengine bug on controlconstruct as first character.
    • added: meta fields for groups and articles.
    • bugfix: duplicate group public_until set to null instead of 0000-00-00.
    • bugfix: OK-Button was invisible in IE.
    • added: language code as default variable Main->language into template.
    • bugfix: fileresize with max rule without image distortion.
    • bugfix: create article function stripslashes + utf8decode only if ajax call.
    • bugfix: invalid date format strings and file ending whitespace deleted.
    • bugfix: invalid date format strings.
    • added: _A_IgnoreLeadSeperator.
    • added: template variables _NOTAGS_NOHTML + _NOTAGS for all fields.
    • bugfix: default value handling while multiple forms on one page.
    • bugfix: default active and disabled checkbox leave checked always!
    • bugfix: form error / success handling while same form more then once on same page.
    • bugfix: form error / success handling while more then one form on a page.
    • added: form_error.js for dynamic form field class on error.
    • bugfix: add form success error strings only for corresponding form.
    • bugfix: replace count with strlen for L - Template fields.
    • bugfix: set wmode=opaque only if not given from parameters, otherwise transparent is not possible anymore.
    • bugfix: disabled php info warnings.
    • bugfix: dynpg_htmlentities_rigid() prevent double encoding for utf8 strings.
    • bugfix: set rootElement for breadcrumb path on isGroupContent and isGroupStartContent depended.
    • changed: hide article element breadcrumb on group articles not set to startarticle.
    • added: internal plugin get parameters to remove within dynpg_insert_urlheader().
    • added: new function SetParam_AA_IgnoreLeadSeperator() and internal variable _AA_IgnoreLeadSep to determine if the separator within lead should be ignored. Default FALSE!
    • bugfix: extended dynpg_datetotimestamp() function in order to support more dates and times; do not produce php-errors.
    • changed: support link to new contact web page.
    • bugfix: (un)secure_template_syntax enhanced with # replacments to prevent template engine crash.
    • update: pear classes.
    • bugfix: norendering return value.
    • bugfix: enquote quotes in dynpg_htmlentities_rigid(), too.
    • added: take exif data as description if not allready given and singleupload choosen.
    • added: read exif data image description into description field on zip upload.
    • bugfix: unsecure_escape before returning contenttext of norendering templateset.
    • added: empty templateset "norendering" to use for faster content retrieval of plugins, which does not need anything else then allready rendered content from plugin itself.
    • changed: check for strpos of template variables within template string before replacing to speed up code.
    • changed: file to file_get_contents() and added getTemplate within other functions.
    • changed: perform() optimized for speed.
    • changed: PerformTextFormat only if $text parameter not empty.
    • changed: add debug string only if templateDebug variable is set to true.
    • added: unformated dates as template vars for list view.
    • added: possibility to change dhtml menu template for 2nd, 3th tier menus.
    • bugfix: establish db connection before mysql_real_escape_string() call.
    • new: plugins are now able to specifiy that they need the SAJAX environment; in this case, dynpg loads the necessary files although there is no active edit mode or even an active user session.
    • bugfix: clear tinyMCE when calling the "open_group_create_refid_form".
    • bugfix: setting language was not possible.
    • bugfix: wrong usage of dynpg_get_plugin_language_proc() in $force mode.
    • bugfix: sendmail text version without title content from html.
    • bugfix: set language to form language for success + error string translations.
    • bugfix: copy_group parameters $copyArticles + $articleContents ByValue and not ByReference.
    • bugfix: only load PEAR if not still available (caused fatal error when dynpg >= 4.5 run under php without JSON support).
    • bugfix: check if FORM_DATA is empty.
    • bugfix: algorithm to save single article rights did not work correctly, thus implemented new.
    • changed: to adapt to the newest tinymce link plugin and url encoded strings.
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